Senior React Native Developer

Location Poznań
Salary 11000-17000 net
Employment Type B2B Permanent
Start Date ASAP
Project Team Size 3 to 10
Project - Work Methodology
Project Management Tool
Knowledge Repository
Agile management
SCRUM & Kanban
Code Reviews
Pair Programming
Unit Tests
Integration Tests
Build Server
Version Control System
Freedom to choose tools
Remote possible Remote first
One - on - one
Regular employee evaluation? Yes
Project change possible? Yes
Who chooses technologies? You!
Who chooses conventions? You!
Job profile
New features

Client support

Document writing


Equipment supplied
Operating System
Computer Notebook
Monitors 2x24"

Other info

Apzumi is a Software House specialising in delivering solutions, in particular for Digital Health, Wellness & Fitness, but we also build solutions to support Industry with providing AR/MR technology based products. When working in Apzumi, you will become a member of our 40+ team and project focusing on mHealth, Insurance, Industry 4.0, Automotive. We like to evolve our technology stack and make it up-to-date with every new project. Thus far you will have a chance to explore new technologies and tools and adopt them to project goals. Additionaly, thanks to a big variety of products and a wide range of different clients in our portfolio you will be able to find projects aligned to your interest. Apply and check how it works in practice :-)

We're looking for a highly experienced web developer, specifically skilled in React / React native development. Above everything else, this person must possess a great understanding of the frontend, web/mobile development world and be able to propose and maintain a whole new set of development practices for a hybrid development platform. This means (and must be clearly communicated to them), they must understand their choices and "stand behind" them, prove their effectiveness and be well aware of the alternatives while doing so. It's especially important, that this person has their own set of "practice / development beliefs".

  • at least 5 years of experience (ideally 3+ with React Native)
  • understanding of mobile development know-how(testing, specifics, quirks, submitting, sharing, supporting technologies like GPS, storage, payments, push notifications, etc.)
  • at least intermediate understanding of mobile UI/UX guidelines
  • experience with both iOS and Android platforms
  • good understanding of web development in general (trends, hypes, traps)\
  • deep and broad understanding of React / React Native ecosystem (what it is good for, what it shouldn't really be used for)
  • rational and efficient approach to development (understanding what works and how much it takes to implement it)
  • enterprise approach to development (frontend code is a "first class citizen", not a set of "scripts")
  • flexibility (sometimes the "best" or "right" solution does not fit for various reasons)
  • critical (don't suggest solutions just because they are currently trending on the internet - test, assess, have own opinion)
  • passionate to remain up-to-date with the latest trends of web/mobile front-end development
  • ability to propose and maintain development practices for React Native (be able to establish and lead a development platform, ownership)
  • ability to clearly and effectively convey their choices (why this and not that, what drives this particular choice, what are the expected results)
  • ability to teach (be able to explain their methodology and pass onto others)
  • ability to write and maintain technical documentation (both externally, a wiki docs, and internally as development readme and supporting comment files)
  • ability to work with lean methodologies (agile, scrum, etc.)
  • ability to work with UI/UX designers, users & product owners to understand and internalize application requirements


Private health care
Sport subscription
Free beverages
Free snacks
Free coffee
Team Events
Training budget
Bicycle parking
In-house hack days
Office in the city center
Flat structure
Great work conditions and atmosphere
Long-term cooperation



React Native
JavaScript / TypeScript


Graphic / UI Design