Essential tools to support mental health caregivers


Applications for helping people are our cup of tea. Searching around the world, we found a place where such help is exceptionally necessary – India, a place where people lack medical care, where approximately 250 million individuals suffer from some form of mental illness and per one licensed psychologist there are over 300,000 inhabitants. The HeadMatters team wanted to improve living conditions of people suffering from mental illnesses. They decided to introduce a solution that ensures the caregivers of ill people with priceless support. HeadMatters provides caregivers with medical knowledge, contact with a network of people in similar situations, and the expertise of specialists online.
We were happy to be part of such a great project. From the very beginning we were fully engaged in seeing the startup to full success. Development of software was only a small part of our contribution. We became a technical co-founder and helped the startup impress investors and secure funding. Thanks to our experience with startups, the HeadMatters team felt confident in the success of their product launch, allowing them to focus on communicating with potential customers and partners.

This project is not just another app, but makes life easier, delivers medical resources for all people, and has the potential to alter the world healthcare industry for the better. Everybody deserves it.